Ken Jennings


August 6, 2006

While skipping church a month ago, I had an great Sunday mixtape idea, which I blogged about here. (To sum up: pop songs with “Jesus” or similar in the title that were actually (a) about Jesus, and (b) vaguely respectful toward Him.) “If somebody actually makes this, send me one,” I concluded.

My request zoomed through the series of tubes that is the Internet, finally emerging in the homes of Minnesota’s own Andrew Anthony and Jory Bowers, who took the request in a somewhat more serious manner than had been intended. Yesterday their completed mix showed up in my mailbox (labelled Now That’s What I Call Jesus!) and now I’m listening to Tom Waits croak “Jesus Gonna Be Here.” Thanks Andrew and Jory!

Speaking of Tom Waits, IMDb says that Tom Waits and Lyle Lovett were originally cast as the cowboy singers eventually played by Woody Harrelson and John C. Reilly in A Prairie Home Companion (which we saw last night). Tom and Lyle would have been ugly, but good. They look alike. And the guitar work would have been a lot better.

I’ve heard from a couple people who actually believed the thing a couple days ago about James K. Polk being a crazy absinthe drinker. Um, no. That was a joke. I’m dreading Monday’s inevitable New York Post story. “Jeopardy! Nerd Whigs Out, Pokes Polk!”

And we now introduce what I hope will become a regular feature on Today’s Bewildering Conversation with a Three-Year-Old.

Me: Dylan, you’re going to run into something. Why are you wearing that hat over your face?
Dylan: I’m a grinder soldier.
Me: What does a grinder soldier do?
Dylan: That means I eat crime.
Me: You eat crime? What does crime taste like?
Dylan: Oranges.

It’s true, my only son can’t pass a Turing test.

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