Ken Jennings


August 16, 2006

Have you seen the existential-horror Garfield strips from Halloween 1989 that are being passed around? The first time I saw them, I thought they were fake, so I’ve attached the official links from so you’ll be convinced. (On another note, all the strips posted there are in color! Pity the poor Jim Davis sweatshop peons who spent weeks recoloring decades’ worth of s#!%ty Garfield comics for that on-line archive.)

Monday, October 23
Tuesday, October 24
Wednesday, October 25
Thursday, October 26
Friday, October 27
Saturday, October 28

I just love the WTF moment provided by these strips. If you’re like me, you’re not really used to anything at all happening in Garfield. Ha ha, Garfield doesn’t want to get out of bed. Good one, Jim Davis’s staff of ghost artists. But in these strips, Garfield is suddenly thrust into a Kafkaesque nightmare! “You have no idea how alone you are, Garfield!” Sure, it still sucks. But it sucks in a different way!

Lots of Internet theories have sprung up about these strips. Has every Garfield since October 1989 just been Garfield’s hunger-crazed delusion? Is he dead? Why did Jon abandon him? Pretty much every crazy theory you ever had about Lost now applies to Garfield.

Jim Davis apparently explains the strips away as just as a Halloween whim, but I’m not buying it.

I guess there should be some trivia link to this post. Okay, Bill Murray and Lorenzo Music, who voiced Garfield in the movies and on TV, respectively, have played the same character before. Music was the Saturday-morning-cartoon voice of Murray’s Dr. Peter Venkman when Ghostbusters became The Real Ghostbusters. Until the bastards replaced him with Dave Coulier! Cut – it – out! So I guess Lorenzo Music is the made-for-TV version of Bill Murray.

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