Ken Jennings


March 20, 2009

Mindy invented a new game while we were visiting the Whitney last fall in New York. All you need: one or more players and a large Jackson Pollock canvas.

Take the painting above, for example. (It’s a 1952 work called Convergence. Click on it for a much larger version.) The game is simply an Abstract Expressionist version of Pick-Up Stix: try to figure out in what order Pollock applied the colors. The canvas linked here is a pretty easy one: in this print, at least, it looks like it only uses four different colors, and I don’t think Pollock applied any color in two passes (though I’m not 100% sure about the black) which would make the game considerably harder.

Best part of playing the game: you get to stand in front of inscrutable paintings and squint and nod, just like the people you see at galleries and museums! Everyone will think you understand modern art!

Posted by Ken at 12:16 pm