Ken Jennings


April 15, 2009

Happy tax day, y’all. I’ve got a dentist appointment later, just to make the day complete. Actually, it’s a pretty good idea to squeeze all the year’s unpleasantness onto one single day. Maybe I can arrange to have Dylan’s school play tonight, or go clothes shopping with Mindy later. Just kidding, guys!

Sometimes people ask me if H&R Block does my taxes now, because of the whole unpleasantness. Well, yes, they offered to, actually. For life, for free, which I thought was pretty nice.

But I had a tax guy already, and so I never took them up on it. Until this year! My accountant was going to stop doing personal returns, so I thought, hey, H&R Block’s free. What’s the worst that can happen? I go to prison for four years like Richard Hatch?

But I can now say that Block has done well by me this tax season. Granted, this is one of their high-end “Premium” offices, so your experience at your local store-front may vary, what do I know. But the folks I’ve been working with have been extremely scrupulous with my return. Go figure! I realized, upon reflection, that they are heavily incentivized not to screw up the Ken Jennings return. Can you imagine the headlines if I get audited and it goes badly?

Anyway, they’ve done a great job and I have no complaints. Can you imagine if I’d had FedEx do my taxes? Trouble.

Posted by Ken at 10:53 am