Ken Jennings


June 18, 2009

I really don’t know if I’m supposed to talk about the game show pilot I was helping out with in New York. But there are accounts out there on the Interwebs, so I guess I wouldn’t be the one spilling the beans. What if I just gave some subtle hints? Like, it’s a beloved game show property with a big, um, trapezoid-shaped board. And it used to be hosted by someone whose name rhymes with “Schmick Schmark.”

Oh, and if you liked the original format as much as I did, you will weep like a baby when you see this faithful, loving interpretation of the game. Put it on the air, CBS!

My wife hates bumper stickers and frequently fulminates about how they are always, always, always a terrible idea. But she loved these bad boys invented by a friend (and former Jeopardy! adversary!) of mine: Nuanced, Ambivalent or Guarded Bumper Stickers. Check them out.

Posted by Ken at 10:41 am