Ken Jennings


August 28, 2006


I began this blog way back on June 16. If you’re old enough to remember, cast your mind back to those naive carefree days of three months ago, when snakes had not yet boarded their respective planes, Pluto was still a planet, and Lance Bass loved the ladies. Heady times, full of promise.

And, since June 16, I haven’t missed a single day of blogging, despite a cross-country move, weeks of writer’s block, and the debut of America’s Got Talent. The blog’s been like a Flintstone vitamin: it wasn’t always fresh or interesting but, dammit, it was daily.

That makes 74 consecutive days blogged–the same length as my 2004 Jeopardy! streak. Tomorrow, for the first time, the blog will be new-post-less, in silent tribute to Nancy Zerg. Nancy, wherever you are: this non-post is for you.

The daily post will be back Wednesday, and I do want to blog from the road during my book tour next month, but it’s possible that I may not be the same daily Iron Horse, so I want to prepare you for the occasional Ken-free day. It’s just possible that somewhere, somehow, someone else may be posting pointless, nerdy stuff on the Internet during those days when I can’t, so I encourage you to shop around.

Posted by Ken at 10:07 am