Ken Jennings


September 19, 2006

I’ve been up at 5 a.m. for the last two days to do strings of radio interviews. Five a.m., formerly known as “the time you used to go to bed in college” is now “the time you have to wake up and be funny for Wank, Trudi, and Floor Wax in the Morning.”

Celebrinerd Watch, Day 1. I plan to track the progress of Time magazine’s new can’t-miss neologism, “celebrinerd,” about which I blogged yesterday. Although I’m honored to have inspired this coinage, it’s not just me I’m doing this for. What about Clay Aiken, or Bill Gates? Or that guy who played Urkel? We need this word. Sadly, no Google hits as of 10:30 a.m. this morning. I know, sometimes memes take time, but I can’t believe this hasn’t caught on by now. I’ll try again around noon.

Reader Adam Lipkin referred me to Weird Al’s funny new video “White and Nerdy,” which shouldn’t be hard to find on YouTube, if you’re the Weird Al kind of geek. (For the other half of you, I’ll try to have some They Might Be Giants news soon.) I particularly enjoyed the joke Trivial Pursuit card visible at one point–a freeze-frame of the card is here. I love that they used the old-school categories, and I especially loved the History question. That’ll be next week’s Question Seven for sure.

The first Mad magazine I owned as a kid had a set of similar joke Trivial Pursuit cards on the back cover. (This was around 1984, when a TP joke was actually vaguely topical–sorry, Weird Al!) I only remember one of the joke questions: “Whose slogan is ‘Over 60 Billion Served’? Joan Collins.” Ha ha ha! Get it? Because she has intercourse with so many men. Ah, Mad, how I miss your irreverent satire. For some reason I have a very clear memory of the cover of that issue. It featured the “Jackson Five” in concert–but the band was made up of Kate, Reggie, and Andrew Jackson! Maybe Weird Al should try more Andrew Jackson jokes in his videos. Those never go out of style.

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