Ken Jennings


December 31, 2010

So long, The Year We Make Contact! Arthur C. Clarke and Roy Scheider both died two years too soon to see 2010, sadly. But they probably would have been disappointed. The iPad, really? That’s the future? ATTEMPT NO LANDINGS AT CUPERTINO!

2011 is prime, incidentally, which has to be good, right?

Somebody asked over on the message boards what I would be up to in the new year. Well, in February, Brad Rutter and I get to defend humanity against our new quiz show-playing computer overlords.

My book about geography geeks comes out from Scribner’s in September. Which reminds me, I’m supposed to be working on the illustrations and index over Christmas, and instead I’ve been playing Lego Star Wars all day with the kids.

I’ll probably spend most of the year working on my next book, which (I understand from my editor at Scribner’s) they would like to publish as well. Details to come when the proposal officially gets bought, but longtime blog readers might recognize the concept from something I posted a couple months back.

Speaking of editors, Neely Harris at mental_floss told me a couple weeks ago that the September-October 2010 installment of my “6 of Ken Jennings” feature would be the last. It was a pretty good five-year run, but they felt the format had pretty much run its course. She asked if I wanted to pitch them on new formats, though, so I think it’s not unlikely that I’ll be back in the pages of mental_floss in 2011.

Wow, that 2011 update seems a little…dull. Uh, also, I plan to pour all my remaining Jeopardy! winnings into a quixotic flight around the world in a strange balloon-helicopter hybrid of my own invention. There you go. Happy new year, everybody!

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