Ken Jennings


September 26, 2011

Just a quick heads-up that I’m speaking tomorrow at a convocation at Southern Utah University. I don’t know what the odds are that anyone reading this is within driving distance of Cedar City, but if you are, come one come all. Not only will you get to hear me make Watson jokes for 45 minutes, but Vegas is only a couple hours’ drive away.

Also tomorrow: my new book Maphead turns one week old. And I’ve already been mortified by one egregious error in Chapter 1: I claim that the towns of Ardmore, Alabama and Ardmore, Louisiana are neighbors. As a couple people have already pointed out, this would be very difficult, since Alabama doesn’t even border Louisiana–that pesky Mississippi is in the way. The actual second Ardmore is in Tennessee, not Louisiana. This is a goof that was somehow fixed when the first chapter was excerpted a couple months ago in an airline magazine…but which we managed to get wrong in the book itself. Sigh.

I apologize to the 1,082 residents of Ardmore, Tennessee for transplanting them to Louisiana. At least I didn’t do it before Katrina.

Posted by Ken at 8:04 am