Ken Jennings


February 2, 2012

Why? That’s stupid. He’s just a guy on a game show, what does that have to do with football?

But, if you insist upon your quixotic quest to find out my Super Bowl opinions, here are some helpful resources. I wrote a piece for Grantland on the ten best Super Bowls of all time from a trivia buff’s perspective. And then the Newark Star-Ledger interviewed for an article on Tom Brady’s perfectionism. The reporter said he tried to track down Bo Derek, but settled for me instead. Yup, if you’re writing a piece on type-A quarterbacks, make sure you get the coveted Bo Derek or Ken Jennings interview!

Some paper in Massachusetts also wanted my prediction for The Big Game, as NFL lawyers insist that I call it at all times. I can’t find a link to the story yet but SPOILERS I told them 37-20 Pats. I just hope I don’t throw off the Vegas line too much with my authoritative opinion.

Posted by Ken at 3:40 pm