Ken Jennings


February 26, 2012

This will be the last post on this blog for a couple weeks–I’ll be traveling, and it looks like Internet access will be spotty or non-existent. A friend actually talked me into going to Antarctica (!) with him, and we’re on our way today. Should we survive our expedition, blog posting will resume in mid-March. If not, it’ll be in a few decades when they dig me out of the ice, like Captain America.

I’ve set up Tuesday Trivia to run as usual while I’m gone, and my weekly pieces will continue to appear at Woot and Conde Nast Traveler. In the spirit of Family Circus, I’m also going to have my kids contribute jokes to my Twitter feed while I’m gone.

One last quiz to tide you over: can you name these literary works even though every word in their titles has been anagrammed? (Well, not short ones like articles and prepositions.)

  1. Rented Is the Thing
  2. A Scatterer Amend Eiders
  3. Thelma
  4. In Arches of Slot Item
  5. The Erects Danger
  6. Negation
  7. Resist Racier
  8. A Mage of Hornets
  9. Tasing in the Heart
  10. Seat of Need
Posted by Ken at 8:27 am