Ken Jennings


November 7, 2012

So I’ve updated the Appearances section of the site to include the Because I Said So! book tour, possibly coming to a store near you in December or January. New York, Seattle, L.A., Denver, Portland, Salt Lake City! The week before, I’m talking maps (and signing Maphead) at a map store here in Seattle. No idea how that will go, but I’m curious. I never thought of touring map stores when Maphead was new last year.

If I’m not coming to your area (looking at you, Eastern types) I apologize. You can always get personalized books from me via mail instead. Or, if you want a signed book without paying for it, here’s a hot tip: my editor at Parade says that they’re not getting as many good submissions to the weekly “Write Your Own Kennections” giveaway (see left sidebar) lately. Submitting a solid puzzle there during one of those “off” weeks would give you very good odds of winning a signed book.

Also: Wordplay Wednesday! Take a word for various small miscellaneous items. Add a hyphen, and you’ll get a verb for something that can be done to various small, miscellaneous food items. What’s the word?

Edited to add: Here’s the solution, suggested by reader paucle.

Posted by Ken at 8:34 pm