Ken Jennings


March 1, 2013

My publisher tells me that the paperback of Because I Said So! will be out in October, cheapskates. I’m planning on adding a short chapter to the paperback version where I answer reader questions, Dear Abby-styyyyyle. Is there a parenting bromide that you’ve long wanted fact-checked? Does holding your breath really cure the hiccups? Can loud music in your earphones really damage your hearing? Find out when your suggestion makes the paperback! If your entry is selected, you’ll be credited in the text and receive a signed copy of Because I Said So!

So think back to childhood (or parenthood) and try to dredge up the mom-iest of mom clich├ęs. Did I cover yours in Because I Said So? (A full Table of Contents is available here.) If not, shoot me an email and presto you’ll be famous.


Belated Wednesday Wordplay! Now Weekend Wordplay, I guess.

You’ve probably noticed that most words that Americans (and Canadians) end with the suffix “-ize” are actually spelled “-ise” by the British. “Memorize,” “organise,” “realise,” and so on.

But can you think of a British verb ending “-ise” that we actually spell “-ice”?

Conversely, can you think of a noun that the British end with “-ice” that we end with “-ise”?

Posted by Ken at 11:41 am