Ken Jennings


September 14, 2013

A few people have asked me when they’re going to see me in the “Money Chair” on NBC’s Million Second Quiz event, which wraps up this week in prime time. (Probably forever, given its ratings.)

I waffled on the show. I like the format well enough (though obviously there have been some challenges figuring out how exactly the game would be played, not to mention the technical/logistical glitches). But I’m a busy guy, and New York is 3,000 miles away, and would they want me anyway?

This morning I woke up to a phone call. Yes, they wanted me. In prime time. On Monday. When could I catch a plane?

I couldn’t say no. I love game shows, even imperfect ones. I sent in some paperwork and had a plane ticket in my inbox by the time I sat down to brunch with my family.

But an hour later, as the server was clearing our plates, my phone rang again. It was casting. There had been a “miscommunication.” The network, for unspecified reasons, was not willing to fly “trivia champions” in for the show. I couldn’t imagine why not, as they’ve been flying in suspiciously telegenic “Line Jumpers” of many other descriptions. But evidently not me. I could fly myself to New York if I like, they said. I wouldn’t even have to wait in line.

I told them thanks but no thanks and went back into the restaurant, a little relieved that I wasn’t going to have to miss the Seahawks-Niners game tomorrow after all.

So that’s the (non-)story of why you won’t be seeing me on Million Second Quiz this week. But for about an hour, I thought NBC had talked me into it.

That’s even less time than they gave Conan O’Brien!


Posted by Ken at 4:13 pm