Ken Jennings


July 7, 2007

The Internet is letting me down; I may have to ask actual people. But first, I’ll try asking actual people over the Internet, since I’m a total hermit.

What American cities have renamed streets (or sections of streets) near a stadium/ballpark/sports arena after a beloved local sports figure? Dan Marino Boulevard in Miami, Willie Mays Plaza in San Francisco, John Stockton Drive in Salt Lake City. That kind of thing.

Or if you’d rather teach me to fish for a lifetime, is there a good list or source for this kind of thing? I found a few just by looking up addresses of pro sports venues on Wikipedia, but many of those pages list the helpful real address instead of the ceremonial ego address. Wikipedia has Mile High Stadium on Mile High Circle, for example, instead of John Elway Drive. (Couldn’t they have just called it “The Drive”?)

If you know of any of these, list ’em off on the message boards.

Posted by Ken at 2:32 pm