Ken Jennings


September 30, 2015

Words with three consecutive letters of the alphabet in them are a dime a dozen. HIJinks, caNOPy, aFGHan. You get the idea.

Four is a lot rarer. The canonical examples are…well, if you want to take a second to think about this, here’s a blog post I Googled with the answer.

But I just realized the other day: there’s a common two-word phrase that also has four in a row. That’s remarkable, since the phrase is only eight letters long!

In fact, when this subject is taught as a course or emphasis at a university, the resulting three-word phrase has TWO four-consecutive-letter runs in it! What are the phrases?

Edited to add: Solved by Neel Mehta in this thread.

Posted by Ken at 1:15 pm