Ken Jennings


January 6, 2016

Happy new year, everyone! My resolutions for 2016 do not include blogging here more, but they do include wistfully looking back at a distant time when I didn’t really have a job and just the one vague writing deadline and Twitter and Facebook and Instagram didn’t exist and I posted something here every day. 2005! Good times! (I also weigh ten pounds more than I did then, which isn’t related to blogging frequency so much but does factor into my new year’s resolutions.)

Wordplay Wednesday! Take an adjective for something that’s very hard to kill. Reverse all its letters except the first one (as you would to turn TSETSE into TESTES) and you’ll get the name of a fictional adversary that was notoriously hard to kill. What are the two words?

Posted by Ken at 11:31 pm