Ken Jennings


February 8, 2016

Here’s a geography question if you have a few minutes to kill, and want to spend them thinking about geography for some reason.

The fifty U.S. states vary widely in area, obviously. Even if you list the states in descending order of area, there are some big gaps. The largest state, Alaska, has 2.2 times the land area of the runner-up, Texas. Texas, in turn, has 1.7 times the land area of #3, California.

But the biggest gap in the list comes further down, where two states are adjacent in the ordered-by-area list, even though one is a whopping 2.5 times bigger than the other. Even weirder, they’re real-life neighbors as well. (They share a border.)

What are these two states, which make up the biggest proportional gap in the otherwise fairly smooth curve of U.S. state areas?

Posted by Ken at 3:44 pm