Ken Jennings


March 16, 2016

I don’t usually link to the steady stream of stuff I’m writing elsewhere instead of on this blog, but here’s a quick recap:

This week, I also wrote a short thing for Slate about Lee Se-dol, the Korean Go grandmaster who lost to Google’s “deep learning” algorithm AlphaGo. Welcome to the club, Mr. Lee!

With Nancy Reagan’s funeral last week and the most entertaining/existentially terrifying primary season in recent memory going on around us, I thought it was a good time for this Wordplay Wednesday.

Take the three uncontroversially greatest, most universally beloved presidents of modern times. That’s right, I’m talking about Nixon, Reagan, and Obama. Can you think of a common English word that has these three strings of letters, in consecutive order, hidden inside the word?

RMN (2 answers)
RWR (3 answers)
BHO (4 answers)

Posted by Ken at 11:46 am