Ken Jennings


December 5, 2016

Jeopardy! is running a series of stories this season called “the J!Effect,” about how the quiz show has changed lives over its 30-year-plus run. This is very exciting to hear because it means Jeopardy! is embracing the hip millennial-friendly abbreviation “J!” for its brand, replacing its ’90 attempt, “Jep!”

But it’s also exciting because it means the show checked in with me, to see how my eye-bags and jowls are getting on now that my streak on the show is more than twelve years in the rear-view mirror!

There are more excerpts from the interview here. My joke about how you have to win for six months on a quiz show to afford a house in Seattle these days was a big deal locally, by the way, making the Times and nightly newscasts. For the record: it was just a joke! You can still buy a fixer-upper in Seattle with a 20-game streak, easy.

Posted by Ken at 12:28 pm