Ken Jennings


September 11, 2007

One more epilogue about Grand Slam before I actually have to think of other things to blog about.

Friends and family have been asking me about the show’s trophy, that oversized bowl thing that Dennis and Amanda presented me with on the final show. (If you missed it, GSN still has Grand Slam on their schedule for next Saturday evening at 8, so they may be re-running the finale then.)

At first I was told to hoist it high. I believe producer Michael Davies had some elaborate analogy to some arcane soccer trophy I’d never heard of. Michael has an eleborate soccer analogy for everything.

Then I was warned–at all costs!–not to hoist it at all. The glue needed three days to dry and had only had about ten hours. Everyone was afraid that the glass would shatter on air–cleavage of the non-Amanda-Byram variety.

It arrived at my house via UPS a few weeks later–in a James Frey-like “million little pieces.” Some well-meaning intern had apparently dropped the bowl in a nice roomy cardboard box, padded it hardly at all, and called UPS. The lovely varnished pedestal was intact; the bowl itself was crystal dust.

I shook up the box a little to see if I could get the bowl to magically reform. No dice. See, Richard Dawkins? Toldja.

Embassy Row sent along a replacement bowl a few weeks later. It looked not entirely unlike the TV bowl. The new bowl is smaller (still engraved “Grand Slam 2007, though) and sits on a simple wooden block. Or it can. It’s not attached to it or anything. It can sit on whatever it wants to sit on. But the new, low-rent replacement does have one virtue over its predecessor. It’s not in tiny lethal shards in a cardboard box in my entry.

And what does one do with a useless-by-design giant crystal bowl?


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