Ken Jennings


November 7, 2007

If you’re interested, a couple interviews I did to promote the Brainiac paperback release can be found at the excellent Seattle blog Seattlest and’s brand-spanking new game show site.

I remember when I was a kid seeing a brain-teaser about word opposites that were also anagrams. I think the answer was always “UNITE” and “UNTIE.” (In the same vein, another oldie: what U.S. state name is composed of two opposites separated by a single letter?)

Anyway, a different pair occurred to me the other day. With these two sorta-antonyms, one refers to people who haven’t had kids yet, and the other refers to people who have. What are the words? And can anyone suggest other pairs of opposites or near-opposites that are anagrams?

Update: See this message board thread for solutions and discussion.

Tomorrow morning I leave for Blackpool, England, for a weekend getting my butt kicked by cricket questions at the European Quiz Championships. If I can get on to the Internet, I’ll keep the blog updated so you can find out how thoroughly Bob Harris, Dave Legler, Ed Toutant, and myself are getting trounced. Should be a lot of fun, though–I’m really looking forward to it.

Posted by Ken at 12:20 pm