Ken Jennings


November 15, 2007

My home office is empty and the desk is sitting in the middle of the room, like the deserted-warehouse scene at the end of the movie where the crucial office setting turns out to have been a big con game all along. In my case, it’s because I’m going to painting in here next week. No adorable murals: just a rich green, to go with some cherry shelving I’m going to get. Very Green is a bold, risky choice for office walls, and I’m now having second thoughts, but too late! Mindy bought the paint yesterday. Oh well. At least it’s green paint, so I figure it may reduce my “carbon footprint” somehow.

In the meantime, here I sit in an empty room. I’ve updated the Appearances page to include the events for the Trivia Almanac book tour in the new year–if you’re in New York, Boston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Salt Lake, or Seattle, I hope you can drop by and say hello. (There will probably also be a California event or two, TBA.)

I’m meant to be writing a short magazine piece on five “smart” game shows and how to excel at them. My problem: I carefully avoided mentioning to the editor that I never watch any TV. (While Lost is on hiatus and The Office is on strike, anyway.) Anyone want to do my homework for me? If you have a favorite skill-based show, make a pitch on the message boards, especially if you have some first-hand experience with the audition or gameplay experience for the show in question. Do you have some computer-chosen set of five-letter words that will help you triangulate any possible Lingo word? Do you know an ironclad way to get on Power of 10? If so, I’d love to know.

Posted by Ken at 11:52 am