Ken Jennings


July 22, 2006

jackwarden.jpgReading about Jack Warden‘s death yesterday made me sad. Just a few weeks ago, I’d been watching Bulworth, and even though many of Warden’s scenes in that movie appear to have been whittled down to near-incomprehensibility in the editing room, he’s still great in it.

But there are two silver linings to Mr. Warden’s passing.

First, since celebrity deaths are often said to come in threes, it completes last week’s aging-character-actor death trio, which had already claimed Barnard Hughes and Red Buttons. Charles Durning, Karl Malden, Ernest Borgnine…you can again sleep soundly. It tolls not for thee. This time.

Secondly, Warden’s death means that Jack Klugman wins the 12 Angry Men tontine! (Assuming, of course, there was a 12 Angry Men tontine.) Way to go, Juror #5! You weren’t the youngest (Robert Webber and John Fiedler were younger) and you weren’t always the healthiest (throat cancer almost killed Klugman in the 1990s) but you outlasted them all. Somewhere, Tony Randall is smiling.

Posted by Ken at 1:27 am