Ken Jennings


July 31, 2008

The Entertainment Weekly bulk e-mail in my inbox this morning: “Enter now to win a special getaway with Maroon 5 and Counting Crows!” Um, no thank you.

We had a plumber over here yesterday to fix the disposal in the kitchen, and he told us he’d charge another $200 to replace the kitchen faucet, which broke around the same time. $200! So I did it myself instead, with the help of a magical little assistant I’d never seen before called a “basin wrench.” It cost $190 less than the plumber, and it was amazing. That’s why I’m featuring it at right today. I’m telling you, it’s these things that should be called “plumber’s helpers,” am I right?! In fact, using it was so addictive I think it should be called “plumber’s crack” as well.

A kitchen faucet! This is officially the handiest I’ve ever been.

And that, teacher, is why I didn’t get a Wordplay Wednesday written yesterday. Here’s a little trivia question instead, which might interest you if you like kiddie lit. The mural thingy I painted for Caitlin’s bedroom (links to A-V found in that blog post) represents 26 different letters, 24 different authors (since XYZ is all Dr. Seuss)…but only 23 different illustrators. That’s right, one illustrator is “represented,” and by represented I mean “ripped off,” twice. Who is it?

Posted by Ken at 10:32 am