Ken Jennings


August 2, 2006

Some things:

The Quiz Blogger e-mailed me, asking that I clarify Monday’s blog entry. He wanted me to reassure everyone that, despite my EastEnders jokes, his next 501-question quiz, “The Colossus,” will be genuinely international, and that he may have even overcompensated away from Brit topics. So I urge anyone who wants to see how they stack up against a veritable United Nations of quizzers to head on over to TQB’s blog and sign up for the Colossus. (If you’re especially hungry, try the Double Colossus With Cheese.)

Edited to add: To sign up for the Colossus, e-mail thecolossusquiz (at) gmail (dot) com.

I was answering questions for a Random House press kit yesterday, and all was going smoothly until I hit the last one. “What are your five favorite trivia factoids?” That one took me about two hours, no lie. The problem is that any trivia fact, no matter how great, loses some of its lustre when you trumpet how wonderful it is. “‘James K. Polk was actually an absinthe drinker who once drunkenly declared statehood for his own sideburns’? Well…I don’t know…it’s pretty good, but…is it really Top Five?” Plus, you want them to be things nobody has heard before (it wouldn’t be good to be left unsurprised by the Top Five Trivia Facts Ever!) which ups the ante considerably. I’m still not happy with my answers, so feel free to suggest alternates.

Quote of the week: “So they’re like The Rock and Kid Rock?” –Mindy, helpfully, as I was introducing Dylan to comic book super-hero the Flash and his sidekick Kid Flash.

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