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Movie Trivia: Actors Appearing in 2+ Trilogies

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Re: Movie Trivia: Actors Appearing in 2+ Trilogies

Postby jbenz » Wed Aug 23, 2017 6:53 am

Neel Mehta wrote:
Spoiler: show

Ryan Gosling will appear in Blade Runner 2049 and otherwise has no sequels in his filmography. He did The Ides of March with George Clooney, almost 20 years his senior.

Clooney's career is somewhat Cruise-like, with Return of the Killer Tomatoes early on, and the Ocean's heists are stylistically similar to Mission: Impossible spycraft.

Yes, you have it. Instead of the Tomatoes, I was actually thinking of:

Spoiler: show
Batman & Robin... but then I also noticed he had a bit part in one of the Spy Kids movies, so this question could have been worded better.

I would also like to say that The Big Short is my favorite Michael Lewis book, and I was really hoping it would be made into a movie as a trilogy. He follows three main threads in that book, and I think each thread had enough great stuff to stand alone as it's own film.

I was hoping for:

Part I - Steve Eisman

Part II - Michael Burry

Part III - Cornwall Capital
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Re: Movie Trivia: Actors Appearing in 2+ Trilogies

Postby grodney » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:42 am

Neel Mehta wrote:you may have to phrase it "modern actor to never revisit a role in a sequel."

And maybe leave out "in a sequel". I asked a friend this question, and he came up with Kevin Costner. Is Batman v Superman a "sequel"? Or just another film in that universe?

(There might be a different Costner disqualification I'm missing.....I'm not much of a movie buff. I didn't know about Nicholson's re-visited roles until my friend suggested him as an answer and I looked it up.)

Edit: At the risk of looking dumb, because I'm just scanning filmographies.....Robert Redford? (Again suggested by my friend......he hasn't got Leo yet, hahaha, I'm letting him twist.)
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