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Fearing that some cataclysm will soon befall human civilization, Ken and his musician friend John Roderick (the Long Winters) have launched the Omnibus Project, a massive, authoritative time capsule of fascinating human achievements both large and small. Their hope is that the residents of the future may unearth these recordings and understand what life was like in the "Before Times." (If you are not a mutated mole-man or sentient moss or other resident of Future Earth, the Omnibus is available to contemporary listeners in convenient [a href="">"podcast" form.)


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The "Kennections" trivia puzzle, which debuted in the newsprint-y pages of Parade magazine back in 2012, is now a regular interactive quiz on the website of my old friends at mental_floss magazine. The interface is much nicer, but the rules are the same. First, answer five challenging quiz questions. Then see if you can figure out the "Kennection" between them--the secret theme that all five answers have in common. Get it, Kennections? Like "connections" but named for "Ken." It's a pun!

Condé Nast Traveler

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Ken blogs regularly for Condé Nast Traveler, the world's premier travel magazine. His weekly column, "Maphead," introduces travelers to little-known but geographically cool and unique destinations all over the world.


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Read Ken's weekly column "The Debunker" on the blogs at, an Internet deal-of-the-day site that long owned a gigantic foam version of Ken's head...on which they no doubt practice devilish voodoo experiments. Every week on Woot, Ken debunks a different myth or misconception or lie that they taught you in school. Everything you know is wrong, and Ken Jennings is here to help!


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FleetWit is a mobile brain game site that tests a fun, fast-paced mix of trivia know-how and mental agility in its regular live races—with real cash prizes up for grabs. Ken has partnered with the FleetWit team to provide trivia expertise, craft special Genius Questions for their site, and even take on hopefuls looking to outsmart him.