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Your privacy is important to us, so please take a moment to read's policies regarding how we use your personally identifying information.
  1. We collect some basic information via the voluntary submission of our users. For example, you are required to submit an e-mail address in order to receive certain free and optional services, such as our mailing list or posting rights on our message boards.
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User Agreement

Users of consent to the collection of some limited personal information, as outlined above. They also agree to be bound by the following conditions:
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  4. In their own contributions to any public forums on the website, including but not limited to blog comments and message board posts, users will abide by the Comment and Message Board Guidelines listed below. Users who violate these policies may be subject to any of the following: deletion or modification of the unacceptable post(s), official warnings, and the suspension or permanent banning of the member and the member's IP address.
  5. reserves the right to change, at any time and at our sole discretion, these terms and policies. The latest modifications will always be available on this page; you are responsible for regularly reviewing them. Your continued use of constitutes your agreement to all the terms and policies listed here.

Comment and Message Board Guidelines

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  3. References to commercial endeavors, other blogs, and the like may only be posted if they're relevant to the current discussion.
  4. This is an all-ages forum. Profanity and objectionably graphic material (as determined by the administrators) isn't allowed.
  5. You agree to abide by intellectual property law in your posts here. Don't post copyrighted material beyond accepted "fair use" without permission of the rights holder. Don't post a copyrighted article in its entirety without permission; post a link instead.
  6. You agree not to falsify your identity by, for example, representing yourself as another person or posting under multiple usernames.
  7. Remember that you are solely responsible for your posts, and may be held legally liable for their content.